eReading classes and three levels of eWrite classes are conducted entirely online at the student's pace. For eReading, five books are suitable for beginner and intermediate readers. For eWrite classes, all instructions and guided assignments are distributed online. All completed writings are submitted electronically, and graded papers with feedback are shared online. For the Chinese teachers, it will reduce their workload of lesson preparation in teaching writing essays. (updated 4/5/2017)
The Yellow River Cup Chinese Reading Contest is held once a year in summer. The 6th contest will open soon. The reading book for the Beginner used is “Sound of Flower Blooming”《花开的声音》, and for the Intermediate is “Shanxi Story - Historical Places”《山西故事•历史地理》. Online registration and contest will open on May 1st,end on August 31st. Award certificate and cash prize will mail to the winners. If you are the first time to participate, please go to “Character Game” to evaluate yourself;and do not participate if your score is less than 800! (updated 4/5/2017)
If you want to check your Chinese reading level, to attend the 6th Yellow Cup Chinese Reading Contest. It will give a challenging summer! If you want to improve your Chinese reading level, select the eReading Comprehension (eR001,eR002, eR003, eR004, or eR005) class. Access will available for one year. You decide how much time to spend on reading a book. If you want to improve your writing skills in Chinese, select the eWriting (eWrite) classes. When you completed the eWrite of Intermediate level, AP Chinese writing will become very easy!
Parents & Teachers
Information for parents about the eWrite Chinese program:
1. About Us
2. FAQ for Parents
3. Suggestion to Parents: "Do's and Don'ts".
Samples of readings and writings
Custom assignments are designed to fit the needs of our students. Levels R01-R04 are readings for Beginners; Levels R05-R08 are readings for intermediate learners. Levels W01-W04 are writings for Beginners; Levels W05-W08 are writings for intermediate learners.