The 10th North American "Yellow River Cup" Chinese Reading Contest Announcement

The Yellow River is the mother river of the Chinese and the banks of the Yellow River is the origin of Chinese culture and language. To help students to better study Chinese and improve their Chinese reading skills, eWriteChinese is hosting the “YELLOW RIVER CUP” Chinese Reading Contest in North America.

This contest has been held once a year since 2012. The participants have significantly improved their reading and comprehension of Chinese. The 10th contest will start on May 1, 2021, and end on August 31, 2021. Registration opens on April 1st,2021. Welcome everyone to participate!


For many people, studying Chinese is hard. This is especially true for students not living in a Chinese-speaking environment. One effective way learn the language is to start reading early and do it repeatedly. Since Chinese characters are pictorial-based, one disadvantage is that it cannot be spelled out, but an advantage is that once the form of the character becomes familiar, it becomes easier to remember. This is the “secret to success” for studying Chinese. 

How do you to encourage students to begin reading more? First is to choose reading material with subjects students can relate to, and second is to leverage their competitive spirit by giving them an incentive to compete with peers to improve their reading speed and comprehension. 
Selections from the "International Chinese Students Essay Competition" provides excellent reading material for students from elementary to middle school to build reading comprehension. Based on the students’ current reading level, we designed multiple choice questions for each passage from the book to measure and document their progress. 

Through this method of having students reading in competition, we can give them the motivation to reach their goal of attaining a higher level of reading ability. We ask for parent to take this opportunity to support and to encourage your children to join this competition, so that they may attain the level of reading ability in order to study independently.

Preparation before registration

1. Test words and view reading samples before registration:

Every student who wants to participate in a reading contest or reading course is best to go to the literacy game page of this website to take a free word test.(

There are 1050 characters in the primary part of the test. Each character is divided into two parts: pinyin and English meaning. There are 2100 points in 53 pages. There are only 20 words per page on the webpage, 40 points. The test is not required to be completed at one time. You can do a few pages a day and complete it in 2-3 weeks. Click after each page is finished “submit”(submit),Student scores will be automatically deposited on the website.

  • If the score is less than 800 (that is, less than 400 literacy), it is best not to participate in this year's reading competition for the time being, so as not to encounter difficulties in reading and dampen students' enthusiasm for learning Chinese.
  • If the score is 800-1000 (ie 400-500 literacy), I hope that parents can read about 20 articles. The so-called band reading means that when the students first read the first 20 articles, the parents and students read together. Of course, it is mainly for students to read. Parents only tell students the words they don’t know, explain the meaning of individual sentences or questions, and the answers must be chosen by the students.
  • Those with a score of 1000-1600 (500-800 literacy) hope that parents can help students read about 10 articles, and then let the students read them by themselves.
  • If the test score reaches about 2000 (that is, the literacy of Chinese characters is about 1000), we believe that students can complete the reading independently. I hope that parents can answer questions in time, which will be more conducive to students' Chinese learning.

The word test should generally be conducted from March to May each year. Hope everyone can hurry up and complete the word test in time.

2.  Try samples:

The website has provided a sample page, including 6 beginner and 3 intermediate essays. Click the link of the title to see the sample article. on the chart“ Minimum score ” The number indicates the relative difficulty and length of the essay. Students can try to read and answer questions first, from easy to difficult, short first and then long. Then decide whether to participate in this year's reading competition. eWriteChinese/Sample eReading/

Contestants and Duration

The 10th North American “Yellow River Cup” Chinese Reading Contest for everyone is currently open to US and all other countries. All participants are welcome to participate. Most are elementary, middle school and high school students who has learned Chinese as second language.

Contest will be held annually and lasting 4 months. The 10th “Yellow River Cup” Chinese Reading Contest will begin on April 1st, 2021, and will last until central time 12 o'clock in August 31, 2021.

Reading Material

For the Beginner participator, use the Eleventh World Chinese Students Excellent Essay Selections. There's a limited inventory, priced at $10 and shipping fee of $4,outside US shipping fee $8. Contestants can order online at the eWriteChinese/Registration/. Once sold out, interested contestants will need to find a copy independently. Check your local Chinese School for an available copy.

For the Intermediate participator, use the "Shanxi Story - Historicla Events“, which is a free e-copy for the contest. 

For the advanced participator, use the "Water Margin (水浒传)“, which you can find in bookstore. 

Contest Entry

To join, go to the and "Registration" the contest at $25. The contestants must have an eWriteChinese account to be eligible, using their username and password to enter the competition Control Panel page and begin reading for the contest. 

The competition has 178 short Chinese passages to choose from. To get credit for reading the passage, contestants will answer 10 multiple choice questions (in Chinese) regarding the passage read. There's the option to submit all 10 answers at once or complete them in multiple sessions. Once answers are submitted, contestants can view the results. QUESTIONS CANNOT BE REATTEMPTED AFTER THEY ARE SUBMITTED. 

Awards and Prizes

The 10th North American “Yellow River Cup” Chinese Reading Contest for Beginners awards are outlined below.

  • One 1st place award of $50
  • Two 2nd place awards of $25 each
  • Ten 3rd place awards of $15 each

The 10th North American “Yellow River Cup” Chinese Reading Contest for Intermediates awards are outlined below.

  • One 1st place award of $50
  • Two 2nd place awards of $25 each
  • Three 3rd place awards of $15 each

The awards are based on total score; in the event of a tie, the contestant who completed the contest earlier will be awarded. All contestants who reach 70% of the total score will be issued a Certificate for the 10th Chinese Reading Contest. The winners will be announced on the website on October 15, 2021, and the prizes will be sent out on the same day.


We welcome feedback about the contest any time through our website.

A big thank you to all participants, and best of luck to you all!

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Congratulations to all winners in the 1st-9th Yellow River Cup Chinese Reading Contest!


# The 5th Contest winners in 2016 Full Score 2133 Prize
1 Emily Lan 蓝海悦 2122 $50.00
2 Amanda Wu 武文歆 2120 $25.00
3 Lenci Ni 倪蓝溪 2117 $25.00
4 Ian Yu 杨异恩 2116 $15.00
5 Yuan Dong 董 源 2106 $15.00
6 Joey Huang 黄卓屹 2098 $15.00
7 Justin Xiao 肖 遥 2097 $15.00
8 Alice Zhang 张楚玥 2095 $15.00
9 Joanne Liu 廖婥安 2092 $15.00
10 Joshua Louie 雷思隆 2092 $15.00
11 Rena Wang 王韵媛 2090 $15.00
12 Pierce Lai 赖文晨 2088 $15.00
13 Jeffrey Zhou 周世洋 2085 $15.00

# The 4th Contest winners in 2015 Full Score 1761 Prize
1 Richard Huang 黄润奇 1761 $50.00
2 Rachael Huang 黄润心 1760 $25.00
3 Claire Li 黎沛君 1759 $25.00
4 Catherine Li 李凯西 1757 $15.00
5 Shawn Li 黎泊辰 1756 $15.00
6 Joey Wang 王晓哲 1756 $15.00
7 Anna Wang 王天雅 1755 $15.00
8 Joanne Liu 廖婥安 1753 $15.00
9 Amanda Wu 武文歆  1750 $15.00
10 Christopher Wu 吴子轩 1750 $15.00
11 Deqian Kong 孔德千 1749 $15.00
12 Wendy Huang 黄文迪 1747 $15.00
13 Yuan Dong 董 源 1743 $15.00

# The 3rd Contest winners in 2014 Full Score 1643 Prize
1 Richard Huang 黄润奇 1637 $50.00
2 Catherine Li 李凯西 1636 $25.00
3 Rachael Huang 黄润心 1635 $25.00
4 Stacy Wang 汪思桐 1633 $15.00

Christine Tu

涂万晴 1633 $15.00
6 Angelina Fan 范江雪 1630 $15.00
7 Amanda Wu 武文歆  1629 $15.00
8 Joey Wang 王晓哲 1628 $15.00
9 Michael Wang 王世章 1626 $15.00
10 Sarah Wei 卫莹莹 1621 $15.00
11 Yuping Bai 白雨平 1620 $15.00
12 Rena Wang 王韵媛 1619 $15.00
13 Joey Huang 黄卓屹 1618 $15.00
14 Felix Chen


1617 $15.00

# The 2nd Contest winners in 2013 Full Score 2887 Prize
1 Richard Huang 黄润奇 2871 $50.00
2 Catherine Li 李凯西 2870 $25.00
3 Rachael Huang 黄润心 2870 $25.00
4 Felix Chen 陈凯宁 2851 $25.00
5 Joey Huang 黄卓屹 2847 $25.00
6 Jiaqi Wang 汪家齐 2845 $10.00
7 Jeff Weng 翁昀杰   2836 $10.00
8 Stacy Wang 汪思桐 2829 $10.00
9 Er Jia   2811 $10.00
10 Emily Lu 陆声懿 2786 $10.00
11 Kevin Fang   2779 $10.00
12 Samuel Liu 刘方阳 2772 $10.00
13 Mindy Maung 毛嘉敏 2715 $10.00
14 Amber Sundaram 孙安蓓 2698 $10.00
15 Michael Wang 王世章 2654 $10.00
16 Nicole Jasinski 金伲可 2433 $10.00
17 Derek Lu 陆声嘉 2339 $10.00
18 Anna Beatty 龙丽素 1883 $10.00
19 Evelyn Ngo 吴琦芬 1771 $10.00
# The 1st Contest winners in 2012 Full Score 1436 Prize
1 Tony Liu 刘湘哲 1425.5 $100.00
2 Jack Si 司书鑫 1420.5 $50.00
3 Richard Huang 黄润奇 1417.5 $50.00
4 Bernard Xu 许弼轩 1415.5 $25.00
5 Stacy Wang 汪思桐 1412.5 $25.00
6 Joey Huang 黄卓屹 1404.5 $25.00
7 Serene Hoskins 霍雪琳 1397.5 $25.00
8 Kevin Fang   1384.5 $25.00
9 Jiaqi Wang 汪家齐 1377.5 $25.00
10 Cherice Chan 陳千熙 1373.5 $25.00
11 Olivia Tung 董博欣 1370.5 $25.00
12 Alex Lou 楼天翔 1361.5 $25.00
13 Samuel Liu 刘方昍 1323.5 $25.00
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